Podcast 11: What do you want?

Love this mug? Check it out simplymadegreetings on Etsy

Love this mug? Check it out simplymadegreetings on Etsy

On this podcast we discuss black belt parenting strategies, lessons we've learned from owning and operating our Martial Arts Academy, Master Yourself Martial Arts, and our love of Songahm Taekwondo.

We hope that whether or not you're a black belt, business owner or parent, you will join us on our journey to Master the Basics of our every day life!

This week, Maggie and Daniel discuss what they want from their Martial Arts training, their parenting and owning their business.

What do we want from our Martial Arts Training?

1.  It needs to be effective

2. It needs to have a moral foundation

3. It needs to be sustainable

4. Fun - T-Rex Sparring

Movie Recommendations: Kung Fu Panda 

What do we want as Black Belt Parents?

1. We want our kids to be happy, well adjusted humans

2. We accept that we will make mistakes, and we want to do well enough that our kids can afford their own therapy. 

3. We can't shield our children from discomfort and pain, we need to teach them to deal with it. 

4. There is a balance we need to seek as a parent between independence and obedience. 

5. We want our kids to be resourceful and be able to figure things out on their own

What do we want from our business?

1. We want to be doing what we love

2. We want to be doing what we're the best at

3. We want our business to support our family financially in a way that benefits both us and our community in a sustainable way

Book Recommendations: Good to Great by Jim Collins

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