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MYMA Power Up: Healing

In this week's MYMA Power Up, Mrs. Penton talks about the importance of healing. In our Martial Arts training, we talk about the importance of having balance in our physical and mental training. Just as we take time for our body to rest and recover after injury, we need to take time and get help for our emotional wounds - whether they're caused by grief, bullying or other challenges in our lives. 


We'd love to hear your strategies for self-care and healing in your daily life!

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Mrs. Penton mentions this article in her talk:

The Average Mom Reportedly Works the Equivalent of 2 full-time jobs per week

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Podcast 16: How to Lose Gracefully

Welcome to a special video episode of the My Coffee Break Podcast!


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Podcast 11: What do you want?

Love this mug? Check it out simplymadegreetings on Etsy

Love this mug? Check it out simplymadegreetings on Etsy

On this podcast we discuss black belt parenting strategies, lessons we've learned from owning and operating our Martial Arts Academy, Master Yourself Martial Arts, and our love of Songahm Taekwondo.

We hope that whether or not you're a black belt, business owner or parent, you will join us on our journey to Master the Basics of our every day life!

This week, Maggie and Daniel discuss what they want from their Martial Arts training, their parenting and owning their business.

What do we want from our Martial Arts Training?

1.  It needs to be effective

2. It needs to have a moral foundation

3. It needs to be sustainable

4. Fun - T-Rex Sparring

Movie Recommendations: Kung Fu Panda 

What do we want as Black Belt Parents?

1. We want our kids to be happy, well adjusted humans

2. We accept that we will make mistakes, and we want to do well enough that our kids can afford their own therapy. 

3. We can't shield our children from discomfort and pain, we need to teach them to deal with it. 

4. There is a balance we need to seek as a parent between independence and obedience. 

5. We want our kids to be resourceful and be able to figure things out on their own

What do we want from our business?

1. We want to be doing what we love

2. We want to be doing what we're the best at

3. We want our business to support our family financially in a way that benefits both us and our community in a sustainable way

Book Recommendations: Good to Great by Jim Collins

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To learn more about our academy, Master Yourself Martial Arts in Titusville, Florida visit

Check out Maggie's personal blog On the Banks where she discusses her strategies for being a black belt parent and finding balance in her life. 

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Podcast 9: There are no shortcuts, but we can be efficient

Welcome to the My Coffee Break Podcast where Maggie and Daniel - who are married, black belts, business owners and parents - discuss black belt parenting strategies, lessons they've learned from owning a small business, and their love of Songahm Taekwondo.

Where Naomi explains why she doesn't drink coffee.

Black Belt Parenting Tip: How to not be a Helicopter Parent

In our desire to help our kids protect our children from negative experiences, we can rob them of the skills they need to handle negative experiences. 

Instead - be a working partner with our kids so we can help them grow and develop, so they're ready to face the world

If you feel yourself hovering over your child, try asking yourself these questions:

  1. What's the consequence of letting your child fail?
  2. Is it reasonable to expect your child to be able to handle this task or challenge?
  3. Do they need help learning how to do this task?
  4. Is this a time to honor your child's struggle to help them build grit?
  5. Can you wait a minute and see if your child/children work it out themselves?


  1. Let your child struggle
  2. Does your child need accountability or assistance? Make sure you don't "help" when what your child needs is accountability.
  3. Schedule a specific time for tasks like homework, cleaning, play, etc. That helps avoid arguing about whether or not to do it.
  4. Recognize what structure, accountability or space that helps you and your child be successful
  5. Think of yourself as a partner with your child and you're working together to help them be successful

When TO intervene:

  1. High Danger or risk
  2. When their needs are not being met
  3. When your child asks for help - try to figure out if there's a need or danger that they need help figuring out or navigating.

Lessons from owning a Small Business: Avoid Analysis Paralasis

1. When you take action, be sure to measure and track your results so you can continue or change based on your results (not your feelings)

3 Essential Elements of Every Small Business: 

  • Provide your community with a great service (or product)
  • Make sure your community knows you exist
  • Ask for compensation in a way that makes your business sustainable

2. Try thinking about your business as a garden

  • Rich and Healthy Soil 

What are the long term things you must do to make your business sustainable?

Treat people fairly, provide consistent and excellent service, improve yourself

  • Plant seeds
  • Water your garden
  • Recognize that the harvest is a season and winter is a season - and you need to be prepared for both
  • Give yourself a period of rest

Part 3: Where we talk about how much we <3 Martial Arts: Mastering the Basics

Just like sparring is the dynamic application of your techniques, living your daily life is the dynamic application of your beliefs.

  1. As you train in Martial Arts and go through your life, the basics don't change. Mastering yourself and your life are about getting better at the basics as you go through life. 
  2. Give yourself permission to try your best
  3. Give yourself permission to ask questions

You're fears aren't wrong, but they won't get you wear you want to go.

Just because something is basic, doesn't mean you're automatically going to do it perfectly every time without trying.

Try to be efficient, but recognize that there are no real short cuts on the path to success.

It's useful to review the basics - just because you've heard something before doesn't mean you've heard it with the experiences you've had today. You can always learn more - even about the simple things. 

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How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

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Podcast 5: Being good enough, making tough decisions and training as a black belt

Podcast 5: Being good enough, how to make tough decisions and training as a black belt

In today’s coffee break, we’ll be talking about how to manage risk in your business and your life, how to be a “good enough” parent, and answer a few listener questions about what it means to be a black belt.


Risk and Decision Making:

Maggie and Daniel talk about the choices they had available to them when they decided to take the plunge into small business ownership and buy their taekwondo school.

  • Step 1: Think about the possible outcomes
    • Imagine what the worst case scenario, the best case and the most likely scenerio.
    • Sometimes, we imagine the worst thing happening, but we don’t specify what the worst thing would be. When we imagine what it is, we can decide whether or not we can live with that. Sometimes we only let ourselves think about the best case scenario, but when we accept the full range of possible outcomes, we’re more likely to be okay with our decision.
  • Step 2: Give it a timeline
    • We gave ourselves a year to figure out whether or not we wanted to be small business owners.
  • Step 3: Enjoy the journey!
    • Remember, if something is worth succeeding at, it’s probably worth failing at to.


Things we mentioned: 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert


Being a “Good Enough” Parent

Instead of trying to be perfect, try to be present

This segment is largely inspired by Barry Swartz book The Paradox of Choice.

Most parent’s want “the best” for their kids. The best schools, the best parents, the best…But sometimes it can be helpful to consider what is good enough for our kids. It’s okay to have high standards, but also accept that some days you might want to be good enough.



  • Have screen free time with your kids every day - make eye contact, engage with them
  • Your kids aren’t wrong for having needs. And you’re not wrong for needing time to yourself.


Listener Questions:

When in training did you decide you always wanted Martial Arts to be a part of your life?


Winning Feeling from Arnold Schwarzenegger

#1 Reason Why People Fail by Arnold Schwarzenegger


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Podcast 4: Happy 4th of July

In today's Coffee Break, Maggie and Daniel share a few reasons why we’re grateful to live in America on the 4th of July this year.

Fun Facts: How Coffee Changed the Course of History

Black Belt Business Lesson: Maggie and Daniel discuss why we want to be improving the quality of our problems. Also, their person proverbs:

There are downsides to everything. And there are upsides to everything. 

Black Belt Parenting Tip: Let your children do things that they love regardless of the result.

  • Personal Victory: Highlight and reward effort and improvement for your child.
  • Rewards vs. Benchmarks

Check out these resources on how you can be a better sports parent:


Martial Arts Moment: What it means to us to be a black belt.


Check out Daniel sparring Taekwondosaurus Rex:


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Podcast 3: Keep it Simple

Episode 3: Keep it simple

Recap from the ATA World Expo

Tips for staying home with your kids while a parent is traveling

1. Get help from friends, family, babysitters

2. Stick to key elements of routine like bedtime, don’t change your meals

3. Bring them back a souvenir 

4. Send a special toy on the trip and take pictures of the toy on the trip

Black Belt Business Tip:  Keep it Simple

People often think that they don’t have to try hard on simple things because they aren’t difficult to do. They key to excellence is to nail the basics every time. 

It’s not hard to do something right once, but it is hard to do it right every time.

  1. Systematize the things you want to get right every time
  2. Keep a beginners mind: even if you’ve done something many times, it’s the first time for someone
  3. Try a check list
    1. Check out Atul Gawande’s book The Checklist Manifesto
    2. Check lists give you better results and take less time


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