Life's Purpose

Podcast 15: Finding Your Life's Purpose

In this episode of the My Coffee Break Podcast, hosts Daniel and Maggie discuss strategies and ideas that will help you Master the Basics of your every day life. 

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This week, they discuss a challenging, but basic idea, that everyone must grapple with - what is the purpose of your life. Daniel discusses his path to Martial Arts and the failures that helped him find meaningful work and purpose in his life. 


How Failure can be a catalyst for positive growth.

How you can find meaning in any work you do by doing it well and contributing to others.

The fantasy of escaping to a place where your problems don't exist.


Other Resources:

Brene Brown

The Defining Decade by Meg Jay

Meg Jay's Ted Talk

Daniel and Maggie discuss raktajino, a fictional Klingon Coffee from the Star Trek television series. Here is a collection of Klingon drink recipes including a few raktajino recipes! Might have to try them...

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