Podcast 12: Build Trust


On this podcast we discuss black belt parenting strategies, lessons we've learned from owning and operating our Martial Arts Academy, Master Yourself Martial Arts, and our love of Songahm Taekwondo.

We hope that whether or not you're a black belt, business owner or parent, you will join us on our journey to Master the Basics of our every day life!

This week, Maggie and Daniel discuss building trust as a parent, as a business owner, and in their Martial Arts Training.

Black Belt Parenting: Building Cooperation through Explanation

1) State the Obvious and Expect to Repeat yourself

  • Need help talking to your kids about difficult topics? Amaze Parents offers some great tips and resources for parents. 

2) Give your child choices that you’re okay with 

  •      Remember that threats are not the same as choices

3)  If you’re getting stuck on some step, get your child moving, and come back to it later

4) Accept your child’s feelings without letting your feelings get hurt


Photo by AshleyWiley/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by AshleyWiley/iStock / Getty Images

Running a Black Belt Business

  • Be an expert at what you need to be an expert in
  • Give and get referrals - a customer referral helps other people have an unbiased idea of whether or not they want to use a product or service. 
  • Admit mistakes and make them right

Building Trust in your Martial Arts Training

  • Don't be a hater, be a tester

Martial Arts humor from Whistle Kick Martial Arts Radio

  • Martial Arts is Physiology, Psychology and Physics
  • Some techniques will work right away and others need to be developed
  • Honor your body and your style

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