Podcast 7: Defend Yourself

This week, we’ll be discussing how self-defense applies in our Martial Arts training, our parenting and owning our business.

Fun with Coffee: Why we prefer warm coffee to ice coffee

The effect of priming with temperature and building trust

Experiencing Physical Warmth Promotes Interpersonal Warmth

General Safety Tips and Strategies

  1. Don’t walk down the dark ally
  2. Use easy tools - seat belts, non-emergency police number, etc. 
  3. If you have any self defense tools, make sure they’re easy to access at all times
  4. Let people know what your plan is
  5. Go with a friend or group
  6. Practice what you would say to a “bad guy” and saying it convincingly
  7. Ask someone to walk you to your car / calling the non-emergency police number
  8. Say something the first time you feel like something is wrong - do not let it escalate
  9. If you plan to use a firearm or pepper spray for self-defense, you should practice and train with it.
  10. Don't stop fighting. ever.

Tools and Resources:

Detecting skimmers: https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2469560,00.asp\

ready.gov offers tips for Hurricane Preparation, how to be safe in the summer months, fire safety and more

Ideas for talking to your kids about safety:

Tip: Some of this seems really obvious to you as an adult, but you have to remember that it may not be obvious to your kids.

1. Play the good stranger / bad stranger game

  •     Good strangers: police officer, fire fighter, families, - people they can go to for help
  •     Bad Strangers: people with friendly dogs, people with toys, etc.

2. Be sure they know to ask permission before they go somewhere with someone(even a family member - not because you’re a helicopter parent, but because you need to know where they are.)

3. Practice saying things like “leave me alone” "you're not my parent" "so" In response to threats, abduction, or bullying

4. Be sure your kids know their first and last name, your first and last name, their address and your phone number

5. Ask your kids questions, so they can learn to report bullying behavior or other things that happen to them - good or bad.

6. Teach your child to introduce themselves to their friends and ask other kids their names too

7. In survival swimming for kids, they teach kids to swim for the wall rather than a person - just in case the person doesn’t recognize that they’re in distress. If you’re child is leaving a bullying or kidnapping situation, they need to run towards people who can help. 

8. You don’t have to present the information in a scary way, but you can be informative

Don't let Fear run your business...or your life

  • It's important to acknowledge your feelings, but don't assume that your fears or anxieties are always telling the truth
  • Don't universalize a bad day, a bad week or a bad experience 

Prepare for bad things, fears or dangers in your business

Question 1: What are you afraid of? 

Question 2: Is your fear realistic?


- Put money in an Emergency Fund

- Recognize that some things are an emergency, but some things happen every year (like Christmas)

- Gratitude: What are you grateful for? what is going well in your life? what are you doing well?

- Gratitude + Preparation + Faith = the antidote to fear

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