Podcast 2: Set a Goal

In today’s coffee break, we’ll be sharing a leadership moment, this week’s black belt parenting tip, and discuss why we bow in the Martial Arts.

Leadership Tip: Make a Plan

    Plans help you do a better job doing things consistently, and they make it easier. 

  • Make sure you know why your plan is important to you
    • Maggie recommends Charles Duhigg’s book Smarter, Faster, Better
    • At the top of your “To Do” List Write Down WHY you want to do something.
    • We teach our classes to help our students feel empathic, empowered and passionately engaged
    • Recognize that when you start planning - whether it’s a budget, a meal plan, a class plan or daily to do lists - your plans may not be very good when you start
  • For some things, you have to head in the right direction    and narrow your path and correct your course to get closer to what you want
  • Reach out for help
    • Mentors, coaches, and accountability groups are great ways to get feedback on your plans and goals and to help give you direction when you want to find your way    

Black Belt Parenting Tip: Say what you want

  • It can help to imagine that your kids don’t hear the words “don’t” or “no”
  • We’ve all heard the example “don’t think of purple elephants”
  • For your child “Don’t touch the hot stove, don’t pull your sister’s hair, don’t put your feet on the table” all sounds like “Touch the stove,” “Pull your sister’s hair” or “Put your feet on the table.”
  • Instead try, “Hold this spoon,” “Keep your hands to yourself,” “Keep your feet on the floor.”

Tip: Come up with a list of things your kids CAN do anytime when they might be misbehaving so you have something prepared to help redirect them. 

Why we bow in Martial Arts:

In many East Asian cultures, the bow is similar to a hand shake. Like the hand shake, the bow is meant to demonstrate that you’re not trying to harm someone you’ve met. We have some special reasons for doing it in the Martial Arts. Like the hand shake, the bow is meant to demonstrate that you’re not trying to harm someone you’ve met.

  • Courtesy - a greeting and way to show respect
  • Promise that you’re not trying to hurt your partner, so we know our training will be safe
  • Reminder - we use the bow as a mental reset button to help us think positively and remember to always try our best and believe in ourselves

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