Podcast 1: Take your child seriously, but not at their word

Welcome to the Coffee Break Podcast. Hosts Daniel and Maggie Penton are married, black belts, business owners, and parents. In this podcast, we’ll be enjoying our favorite treat - a cup of coffee together -- and sharing some of the lessons we’ve learned as business owners and instructors Master Yourself Martial Arts, black belt parenting strategies and our love of Songahm Taekwondo.

In today’s coffee break, we’ll be introducing ourselves, discussing why you should take your child seriously but not always at their word, and talk about the upcoming ATA World Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas.

We have been owner/operators at Master Yourself Martial Arts since 2010. At our academy, we focus on teaching the kids and families of our community to improve their discipline, focus, learn self-defense skills, improve their fitness and have fun through the Martial Art of Songahm Taekwondo. We’re an independently owned and operated location licensed by ATA International. 


Black Belt Parenting Strategy: Take your child seriously, but not at their word

This is a variation of the tip to "Acknowledge your child's feelings" from How to Talk so Kids can Listen and Listen so Kids can Talk by Faber and Mazlish.

Maggie and Daniel each share a story where they were concerned about one thing, but it was masking an underlying problem. Sometimes our kids do this, too.


  1. Ask clarifying questions 
    1. maybe there’s something they need or a skill you can help with
    2. maybe they need to air a concern/fear
    3. make a strategy to overcome that obstacle 
  2. Observe the results if you stick to your routine, even if you don’t feel like it
    1. I usually complain about exercising, but I’m glad when I did it. Maybe your kid is complaining just to complain. 
  3. Let your kid (or yourself) save face
    1. If they do have fun, don’t hold it against them. Sometimes, we remind kids that they’re hurt/angry/etc. when they were ready to move on, but they feel like they need to double down 
    2. Remind them of their best moments, not their worst!


Finally, Maggie and Daniel talk about the upcoming ATA World Expo and Daniel's competition for the title of World Champion!

For more about the ATA World Expo: 


ATA Online


We’re very excited about hosting our own regional tournament: the Space Coast Rumble on December 9 in honor of the rumble we hear up and down the Space Coast every time there is a launch.

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